6 Amazing Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

Work culture is evolving. This is proven by the increasing use of co-working spaces to provide businesses and individuals with the flexibility required for their own business and personal needs.

With the rise of (young) start-ups, freelancers and touring professionals there has been a noticeable increase in co-working space adoption, as they prefer not to work in a corporate environment and are hence free to choose their workspace according to their requirements.

Flexibility in working

The environment of these working spaces is very flexible and there is no generic formula to follow. Meaning that our co-working spaces can adapt and fluctuate with your requirements.

Whether you need desk space for 1-day to 1-month (or longer), or to continuously change the total number of desks required from 1-to-many, or even adjust the facilities required, such as meeting room hire or storage facilities; Bristol Tour Depot enables you to only ever pay for what you need – when you need it.

This degree of flexibility means that our members, such as Tour Managers and Sound Engineers don’t have the commitments typically associated with renting an office space.

Prospects of better networking

Co-working spaces compared to renting private offices provide greater opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals who share a common passion. Meeting new people from different backgrounds and professions is always a great way to grow and gain more knowledge. When many goal-oriented and accomplished people share the same space at work there are chances to meet great thinkers, established touring professionals and entrepreneurs.

This gives you an added benefit of outsourcing to these people who may be able to help you with your projects, and vice versa. Socialising with like-minded people and creative minds is equally important to establish your vision and reach your goals easily.

Less office expenditure

Co-working spaces give touring professionals and young startups an opportunity to work in a fully equipped office without the hassle and financial burden of renting a commercial building.

One major upside is having access to a purpose-built workspace with minimum investment; whilst still benefiting from business-grade amenities. Heavily reducing the costs of starting up a business and helping to reduce the financial risks involved. This also brings added flexibility to you and your business, as you are not tied down by utility bills and lease contracts.

Non-materialistic support

Well, this is an interesting benefit of co-working. Who says that emotional support can be found only with family and friends? With a recent upsurge in the focus and awareness of depression, anxiety and insomnia within the creative industry; these co-working hubs that offer shared office spaces also share with you your highs and lows in life.

The spirit to follow your dreams and face the challenges is what connects all the members of this community. Bristol Tour Depot prides itself on how supportive and personable our working environment is and the lovely professionals we attract to share this space.

More productivity, greater success

We all know of the distractions that life can throw at us when working from home, a café or any public space. You’ll do better with a change of scenery. Bristol Tour Depot offers a professional workspace with fewer distractions.

Whether you naturally procrastinate, or your current “office” is full of unavoidable distractions; spending a few days of your busy week in a dedicated office space can provide the environment needed to be productive.

Meaning: Less Distractions = More Productivity = Greater Success

Inspiration / Mentorship

Co-working spaces are shared office spaces where numerous professionals, startups, freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs can meet and collaborate to help each other in growing their businesses. They share a common platform and somewhat have the same goals, ambitions and challenges in life.

In these types of workspaces, like-minded people unite together to use their creativity, intellect and motivation to share their experiences and passion. The people working in the shared office space can be an inspiration and mentor for each other.

These were just a selection of the benefits that come with a shared co-working office space, as highlighted by Coworking Mag.

If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re ready to discuss your requirements – simply make an enquiry today!

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